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Craft Winemaking at John’s or at Home!

You’ll Enjo​y the Rewards of Crafting Your Own Divine Wines!  It's Easy and Fun! Scroll down to see crafting videos !

7 Reasons to Brew on Premise at John’s Home Brew:

  1. We help you pick a varietal and style of wine, beer or cider you’ll enjoy.
  2. We take care of the work and clean-up.
  3. It’s green and economical, cost-effective.
  4. It’s fun and social- You can make it with friends and try many varietals.
  5. We guarantee you’ll love your wine!
  6. It’s convenient and rewarding.
  7. You’ll have a wine for every occasion.

John's Home Brew Store Wine Making Tips & Tricks

Want to know more? Get Some Tips from Our Experts! Learn how fun, rewarding and easy it is to brew your own outstanding craft wines!

Please call Becky @ the store for our "Craft Wine Making Tips & Tricks" 902-892-1987/902-892-9463

1. Cleaning/sanitizing

2. Starting your Wine

3. Primary Fermentation

4. Secondary Fermentation

5. Degassing

6. Stabilizing/Clearing

7. Filtering

8. Bottling

9. Presentation/Packaging

Home Wine Crafting Tips and Tricks :

RJS Craft Winemaking (Our Wine Kit Supplier), has many informative videos on You Tube:

It is easy to brew your own craft wines at home! Please see this introductory video:

RJS Craft Wine Making Step-By-Step:

Home Beer Crafting Tips and Tricks:

These videos are a general guide to crafting beer at home using any canned malt kit. At John’s Home Brew Store we carry many brands and styles of canned malt kits. 

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